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SALCO is a Group of AEEC Company

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SALCO- Profit Analysis:

SALCO is a financial analysis service Company. The Company offers online financial services. By using financial services from SALCO, clients can make their company more profitable

If there is a company ho is losing profits, SALCO on-line financial services can help that company stop loosing profits. SALCO acquires customer's Income Statement information to generate powerful database online. The powerful back-end program meticulously computes losses in the company. The program undertakes the task of micro scoping for leakages in financial statements, and it gives clients crystal clear options of profitability on Performance Measurement. 

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SALCO Tool Uniqueness: 

  • SALCO offers an interactive program. Customers go through an initial interview session, and then they are asked to fill out a simple questionnaire form regarding their financial status. 
  • SALCO's back-end database engine assimilates all data and computes an optimized financial statements for customer. The powerful program then puts out a positive net profit scenario. 
  • SALCO offers services on one time fee basis.  SALCO's Basic  services can also be subscribed on monthly basis.  Everybody should have a financial statement. A documented and recorded financial statement will always come handy in future financial transactions. SALCO services can be subscribed by house wives, college & universities students, teachers and professors, and any individual who would like to take control of their finance.

  • We also offer extensive service on case basis for small business owners, manufacturing facilities, realtors, hospitals, clinics, hotels, food service providers, wholesalers, retailers, transportation, warehouse, and logistics, financial institution, entertainment and recreation facilities.

SALCO Tool Advantages:

  1. Affordable:  Price is structured to cater to different vertical markets
  2. Simple to Use: Just answer simple questions (interview based) and fill out a simple form related to finance.
  3. Auto Mode: SALCO's back end system automatically computes best scenario earning profit projection or losses.
  4. Performance Measurement: SALCO system offers crystal clear financial performance report easy to read and understand. The report is written in simple easy to understand English language. 
  5. Losses Early Warning System: SALCO warns an Early Warning System (EWS) to alarm the business owner regarding factors which can cause business losses
  6. Report with Explaination: All reports come with detailed explanation for average person to fully understand. 

SALCO Tool Success Model:

  • Subscription based or contract based model
  • Price elasticity strategy caters to different segment of market-from students to corporate culture, and from wholesalers to manufacturing facilities.
  • Free Interview: This interview will offer client health checklist of their financial status. Basic subscription will offer customers a ledger book, an Income Statement, and a Balance Sheet. 


Just email all your expenses and income SALCO does the rest of the work at autopilot mode. 

Your professional financial statements are emailed to you every month with short financial advisory report. If you opt to you can always escalate your concerns and questions to financial experts for an affordable consulting fees.

Either Fly-by-wires automatically or get a manual grip- No matter what the customers opt to do; SALCO gives you the option to play the way you like it!  SALCO is a profit driven Company. It has one of the most powerful back end database engine in the market today to make you more profitable, period

As mentioned earlier, SALCO is fully automated back end computational tool to compute company's best scenario profitability. However, customers can fine tune the financial ratios to further optimize net profit for the company. Therefore, the ultimate call always belongs to the business owner. Now, the business owner have several quantifiable options on the table, thus, profitability or more profitability options becomes a reality. 

SALCO, at its best, empowers business owners to control their financial bottom line. Period. Hence, SALCO back end database engine is designed to drive all the right figures to customer; at their desktop. If truth be told, figures never lie!

Identification & Rectification of Financial Issues :

The function of SALCO's back end finance analysis tool is to act as a lead surgeon for fr financial Intensive Care Unit (FICU). SALCO is designed to identify financial issues and to rectify what ever has gone wrong. 

So, SALCO's back end database engine performs two main data acquisition:

  • Data for: Identification of Financial Issues
  • Data for: Rectification of Financial Issues

To name few issues, which SALCO's program computes:

  • Identify hard-cash weakness of a company
  • Rectify the problem by scrutinizing losses in material and dead inventory 
  • Identify low productivity
  • Rectify low productivity by computing comparative losses in direct payroll 
  • Identify stagnated net profit
  • Rectify net profitability issue by computing additional sales required, plus, COG optimization to hit the target net profit.
  • Identify owner's Capitalization issues 
  • Rectify Earning issues by implementing asset waste management tools, and scrutinizing liabilities
  • And much more......

Bird's Eye-view:

The online profit analysis tool operates in various mode of interviewing session to build income statement. Furthermore, back end database engine uses acquired Income Statement data to build financial analysis.  The interview sessions are used to produce a detailed company's profile.

First Interview Session:

First mode of interview session gathers data for the back end database to build case study for COGS column. The SALCO program powerful machine starts this process by asking questions and completes a detailed database tree. Hence, a Direct Cost is established. After obtaining an accurate COGS value, the back end computes final Gross Profit. Optimization goes side by side on another parallel track.

Second Interview Session:

The system then conducts second phase of interview session to acquire data for indirect cost. 

Third Interview Session:

Finally, the system conducts third phase of interview to acquire data for Fixed Cost. The process is repeated five times to obtain a detailed data for past five years income and cost data. Customers can always email to get more detailed explanation. 

Optimization Mode:

Having done so, the system shifts to a new mode of optimization. Now, five year income statement is automatically generated. The powerful back end system computes five year income statement comparative analysis. The entire income statement is optimized for a better net profit. The entire phase of Income Statement Optimization is fully automatic.

Once the back-end system constructs the detailed database, If-Then-Else scenario kicks in to propose losses/profits in Direct Payroll and in Direct material.

Primary Data Computation Results (PDCR):

PDCR helps customers to monitor operation of a business at various financial platform. PDCR offers the fastest snapshot of business finance in real time.  

  • Visual indication of profitability factors
  • Identify and rectify financial issues
  • Acknowledge performance efficiencies
  • Set new financial goals
  • Instant financial status visibility
  • And much more.......

The system uses the powerful back-end database to  compute as follows:   

  • Continuous Positive Cash flow Strategies
  • Variable Costs, Semi-Variable Costs, and fixed Costs Analysis
  • Warp-speed Profitable Growth Analysis
  • Cost Reduction Factor Versus Business Growth Factor
  • Optimize Breakeven Timeline
  • Company Objective Valuation (Intrinsic Valuation)
  • Income statement waste management (Income statement Optimization)
  • Additional sales required to hit targeted profit
  • Losses in Material Calculation
  • Losses in Semi Variable Calculation
  • Loss in Fixed Expenses Calculation
  • Business Performance Trend 
  • Balance Sheet Performance
  • Will the Business Fail 
  • Losses in Payrolls
  • Profitability Optimization
  • Business Liquidity Status: How assets can be converted into cash
  • Business Efficiency: Waste management control in place
  • Asset Usage Analysis
  • Business Performance Score Dashboard Optimization
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Business Forecasting
  • Variance Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis 
  • Business Strength
  • Business Weaknesses
  • Business Valuation
  • And much more......

Thus, SALCO's online powerful financial software tool pin points accurately company's financial position on performance measurement. 

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"There is a difference between positive net profit and positive cash cushion. An entrepreneur who commands the understanding of this difference, drives the valuation of his company to lofty heights." 

Shaukat Ali Mozaffar

President SALCO

Business Performance:

  • SALCO On-line backend database profit analysis Tools enhances Business Performance

  • SALCO’s profit analysis tool educates management team to understand the importance of profit driven company.  SAFA also offers outstanding results for departmental financial analysis and major financial factors that can drive their company to success.

  • SALCO’s financial Performance Measurement tool  assists business owners and management team to check financial performance against desired targets in real-time. Optimized profit metric can assist business owners to monitor their weighted capitalization. Weighted positive capitalization performance metric is compared with owner’s targeted capitalization.

  • SALCO's Performance Measurement report can be shared with private investors, venture capital investors, angel investors, other investors, and other stake holders.

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