Shaukat Ali, LLC-SALCO
A Financial Analysis Company
SALCO is a Group of AEEC Company

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About Us

SAFA gives you a powerful online report which shows you, “How to make your company profitable or more profitable.” SAFA online tools will show you how you can stop losing your money in your personal life or in your business. SAFA offers extremely powerful online financial reports to control your cash flow on a daily basis. You will stop burning your cash in cash furnace. Period. It is that powerful! 

How do I subscribe to SAFA?
Very simple! Log on to today and register for FREE to become SAFA club member!  

At SAFA, we listen to your heart. Everybody wants to stop losing money. We help you to do just that.

We are hear to listen to your business problem and offer you a profitable solution. We do so by looking at your financial statement. We offer you a common sense solution to make your company more profitable. 

Corporate Portfolio:

SAFA is a profit analysis Company. SAFA is always driven by the goal to deliver what the client wants and when the client wants, which translate to deliverable on time.

Presently, the founder, Mr. Shaukat Ali Mozaffar, highly qualified electronics engineer from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), USA, comes with a strong background and long standing experience in engineering product development and marketing; giving the Company a competitive edge. Please check our methodology section for more detailed insight on how we have developed strategies which can make your company more profitable.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Mozaffar is a dynamic and results-oriented person. He is an executive with record of building businesses from ground up. He has proven leadership abilities in revitalizing and launching effective restructuring plans for maximum profitability. He is a visionary with creating passion in business, and launching new products.  He is skilled in reducing costs, managing cross functional teams, administration and finance. Extremely proficient in both technology and business analysis. 

Associated Elec. & Eng. Co. 2008 ~ Present

Columbus, Ohio


Mechanical Fabrication & Business Consulting Service:

I have designed numerous type of industrial burner for industrial ovens and furnaces. I have also been instrumental in designing garbage crusher, and many other machine parts.

  • Operation Efficiency Analysis 
  • Task Force Timeline Analysis 
  • Production Efficiency Analysis
  • Minimizing Customer Returns/Repairs Strategy 
  • Production Efficiency Analysis 
  • Sales Optimization Analysis 
  • Marketing Optimization Analysis 
  • Comparative Vendor Analysis 
  • Procurement Response Analysis
  • Operation Feedback Control System Analysis 
  • Maintenance and Repair Analysis 
  • Deviation and Capability Index Analysis 

Electronic Engineering Design Consulting Service:  

  • Power control design service
  • DC Motor control via PWM
  • System Automation 

Business Consulting SAFA Strategy:

I have worked due diligently to develop advance financial analysis strategy to make company more profitable. My strategy was to develop a derivative methodology to produce maximum profit for an individual or for a business . My derivative methodology can show companies and individuals how they can make themselves more profitable. A voluminous work has gone into setting up a  program to build a powerful back-end database tree strategy. 

Corporate Mission:
  • SAFA strives to satisfy customer requirements and needs 
  • SAFA is eagerly working towards innovation, customer trust, and collaboration 
  • SAFA is venturing to offer unprecedented service after sale 
  • SAFA endeavors to deliver high quality financial reports on time .

Corporate Philosophy:

SAFA's Corporate philosophy is to work for betterment of mankind

Corporate Vision:

  • To educate people the importance of being profitable in life
  • To teach every child how to give back their parents investment on them (ROI)
  • To offer schools and colleges to teach online financial tools to all students
  • To teach people how to control cost
  • To teach average people to understand, and generate financial statements
  • To teach corporate culture how to become more profitable to capture maximum market share

My Core Values:

Pragmatic Aproach On Process Analysis

Analytical Management

Engineering Cost Analysis

Financial Waste Management

Sales Augmentation

Out of the box Strategy

Think Tank

Supply Chain Streamlining

Optimize People Management & Productivity Ratio

Optimize Product Pull Strategy

Optimize product Costing

My Talents:

I am dynamic and results-oriented individual with engineering, sales, marketing, finance, and management background. I have proven leadership abilities in revitalizing and launching effective departmental strategies for maximum profitability. I am a visionary who has a successful track record in creating and launching new products. I am also skilled in reducing costs and managing cross functional teams. I am extremely proficient in administration and finance. I am skillful in using managerial software such as: Goldmine, Quick Books, Microsoft Money/Office, and Power Point. 

I have a deep understanding of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and MRP (Material Requirements Planning), and MMOG/LE 

I am equipped with multi-talent experience which can be a plus for any enterprise.

I am driven to manage enterprise overall costing and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships, and long lasting relationships with user, and supply chain vendors

Qualification Snapshot:

  1. Engineering background
    1. Engineering costing, design algorithm, design analysis, and feasibility report
  2. Financial analysis and business analysis
    1. Corporate Waste Management, income statement optimization, and balance sheet performance
    2. Losses in material, losses in payroll, business trend/variance, and business ratios
  3. Sales and Marketing Experience
    1. Meeting customer requirements
    2. Sales forecasting
  4. Speaks: English, Urdu, and some Japanese

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering

Professional Experience:

  • Sales & Marketing:
  • Ten (10+) years of industrial sales experience
  • ISO 9000 QA experience
  • Industrial Boiler sales experience
  • Industrial Steam Turbine sales experience
  • Industrial Equipment sales experience
  • Industrial Electronic Equipment sales experience
  • Financial Analysis & Business Analysis:
  • Income Statement Optimization
  • Balance Sheet Performance
  • ROCE Calculation
  • Business Ratio Calculation
  • Business Failure Analysis
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Payroll and Material Losses Analysis
  • Business Equity Optimization
  • Financial Waste Management
  • Train business owners how to stop loosing company profitsIncome Statement data is acquired to meticulously calculate losses in the company. The program undertakes the task of micro scoping for leakages in financial statements, and it gives clients crystal clear options of profitability.
  • Identify hard-cash weakness of a company
  • Rectify the problem by scrutinizing losses in material and dead inventory 
  • Identify low productivity
  • Rectify low productivity by computing comparative losses in direct payroll (Total Sales Versus Total labor hour)
  • Identify stagnated net profit
  • Rectify net profitability issue by computing additional sales required, plus, cost optimization to hit the target net profit.
  • Identify owner's Capitalization issues Versus Earning issues
  • Rectify Earning issues by implementing asset waste management tools, and scrutinizing liabilities
  • Cash Flow: Continuous Positive Cash flow Strategies
  • Cost Analysis: Variable Costs, Semi-Variable Costs, and fixed Costs Analysis
  • Profit Growth Analysis: 5 Year Comparative Analysis
  • Cost Reduction Factor: Cost Reduction Factor Versus Business Growth Factor
  • Breakeven: Optimize Breakeven Timeline
  • Intrinsic Valuation: Company Objective Valuation
  • Income Statement Waste Management: Income statement waste management (Income statement Optimization)
  • Additional Sales Strategy: Additional sales required to hit targeted profit
  • Losses Material: Losses in Material Optimization
  • Losses Semi Variable: Semi Variable Optimization
  • Losses Fixed: Fixed Expenses Optimization
  • Losses Payrolls: Losses in Payroll Optimization
  • Business Trend: Business Performance Trend 
  • Balance Sheet Performance: Balance Sheet Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Success/Failure International Index: Will the Business Fail?
  • Comparative Profitability Variance: Profitability Optimization
  • Business Liquidity Status: How assets can be converted into cash
  • Business Efficiency: Waste management control in place
  • Asset Analysis: Asset Usage Analysis
  • Financial Ratio: Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Business Forecasting: Business Growth Projection
  • Graphical Analysis of: Strength, Weakness, Valuation
  • Business Performance Score Optimization:
    • Financial: Financial Analysis
    • Customer: Customer perception Analysis
    • Internal business processes: Business Improvement Analysis
    • Learning and growth: Continuous Growth Analysis
  • Engineering:
  • Supply chain vendor analysis
  • BOM (Bill of Material Analysis)
  • TPY (Throughput Yield) Analysis
  • Defect Analysis (ISO 9000)
  • Engineering Critical-To-Value Analysis (Threshold Analysis)
  • Machine capability analysis
  • Industrial burner design, with boom-bust nozzle and maximum CFM thrust output
  • DC Motor controller design based on PWM
  • Industrial Power Plant pre-feasibility report (Boiler capacity Vs Steam turbine output power)
  • PC Board design
  • Transformer Design
  • Power converter design

Unique Ability:

  • Ability to present feasibility report on engineering design, manufacturing throughput yield, labor performance timeline, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and financial analysis to Board of Directors
  • Power Plant pre-feasibility report and costing
  • Fuel cost optimization for industrial power plant (Comparative analysis on Coal, natural gas, woods, garbage waste, sewage waste, and furnace oil)

My Performance Competencies:

I have performed following critical work as a consultant:

  • Communication and training team members
  • Developed business strategy and planning
  • Wrote a detailed feasibility report on stainless steel pipe marketability
  • Developed supply chain strategies
  • Offered consulting services to an Ice cream factory on saving money by taking affirmative action on reducing cost on in-house power plant, labor cost, and plant maintenance.
  • Offered consulting services to engineering department of various factories on machine repair and solved issues on machining hard to find parts (Reducing pin gear box using gun powder material).
  • Customer Service Orientation


Critical Duties: 

• Strategies telemarketing plan and establish dealership accounts: Built 50 electronic dealership nationwide
• Built excellent customer relationship and catered to all their RMA requirements.

• Used Quick book to set aging report, sales projection, favorite customer list, income statement, balance sheet, petty cash expenses, main expenses account, bank account, other sales, customer detail portfolio, item numbers, inventory check, inbound/outbound status, collection notice, etc.

• Developed a detailed business planning to market stainless steel pipe in assigned territory.
• Developed strategies to increase revenue and profit

• Developed power plant projects feasibility report ranging from 1 MW up to 40 MW for textile industry and sugar mill industry with detailed ROI within three years period of time.

• Industrial quotations were prepared with detailed EPC format.

• All technical bid were analyzed.

• Several factory managers were consulted to resolve the manufacturing issue including throughput yield, cherry pick-pack optimization on timeline, business analysis and financial analysis.
• Developed a detailed ISO 9000 professional manual detailing Scope, Quality Management System, Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product Realization, Measurement Analysis and Improvement, corporate policies, manufacturing procedures and applicable documents.
• Customer issues were resolved on time: Specialy on cross RMA service.

• Offered best on-site engineering support
• Managed 50 nationwide electronic distributors, including Fry’s electronics and Jameco.