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Breakeven Analysis

Breakeven Analysis:

At what point of time can a business get breakeven? This is one of the most daunting question for any business owner. Indeed, this is extremely important factor to be determined during a business cycle. If the business is not getting breakeven at its optimal targeted time then the business is too risky. The powerful backend system computes exact date and time when the business will get breakeven, for example: Breakeven Date &Time: August 17th, 2014 by 3:45 PM. Using extremely powerful backend analysis tool, the system can further optimize using the targeted breakeven date and time to reach optimal net profit. What breakeven percentage should be there to safely navigate the company towards healthy profit? How to scrutinize cost for the target breakeven volume? These are some very powerful challenges that the backend software tool has to compute. Furthermore, If-then-Else scenario can also be incorporated to achieve potential breakeven volume.