Shaukat Ali, LLC-SALCO
A Financial Analysis Company
SALCO is a Group of AEEC Company

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Financial Performance

Financial Performance: 

Key to robust financial performance depends upon setting up the right sales target to capture right market share. Net profitability should be a derivative of stringent waste management to control cost. Having said this, controlling cost is a daunting task! Faint hearted people cannot be up to the par. How else then cost controlling mammoth mission be accomplished? Well, the most important thing to understand regarding the cost controlling is to implant an early warning system in accounting procedure. Therefore, SAFA sets up early warning system to monitor chain reaction of losses in cost. As soon as it detects a deadly expense virus, which leads to domino effect in losses, it sounds an emergency alarm.  

Here are some of the indicators:

  • Problem of uncontrolled costing indicator
  • Business failure indexes indicator
  • Severe Sales Deviation Versus target sales: Short term and long term losses indicator
  • Marketing budget pitfall indicator
  • Problem of raw material losses
  • Problem of payroll losses
  • And much more...............