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Investor Relations

From the desk of the President...........

Dear Investors:

One of the biggest problem facing by an individual and companies of today is managing cash, and saving cash. How to improve the efficiency of positive cash flow?  With the passage of time, cash saving problems will acquire a central position in our daily lives.  If truth be spoken, as we progress in ever growing technology arena, we are faced with daunting task of managing cash. Neither, advancement in gadget technology, nor hot shot financial analysis guru is the mere solution to cope with awe-inspiring financial problems.  People want fast, yet, a manageable solution to cash generation and cash savings problems. SALCO would like to position itself as a CASH problem solver to help individuals or companies of today and tomorrow to solve their cash management problems.

SALCO, is focused to solve profit issues and cash saving issues of a company or an individual by using online financial tools to calculate best positive cash flow scenarios. SALCO utilizes optimizing techniques for Income statement to drive various ratios. The powerful backend engine computes various formulas to project healthy net profit, optimized earnings, positive capitalization, progressive company valuation, installs early warning system for losses, performs comparative analysis, finds cash leakage and manages cash for future savings. 

What makes SALCO so different than other financial companies on-line? We are different because we act as a surgeon in intensive Care Unit (IC) unit as compare to our counterpart who act as a general practitioner. We are mainly focus on positive Net Profit, and positive Cash Cushion solutions. Period. The rest is an automatic derivative of data from Income Statement, and Balance Sheet.

While you are at it, please also go over our press release. You will find a detailed analysis of SALCO's projected Financial Analysis. If you have any questions regarding investor relations, please do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected], or call me at: 614-787-0612.

Thank you.

Shaukat ali Mozaffar


SALCO Financial Analysis Company


Investors Contact:

Shaukat Ali Mozaffar

SALCO-Financial Analysis Company 


At the occasion of fund raising campaign. 
2nd Letter from the Desk of  SALCO's Founder...........

Dear Investor:

I founded SALCO, and its financial analysis strategy. The reason that I was compelled to do so was because I had deep down in me a strong conviction that I can show companies how to make their company more profitable. I realize that I can help companies and individuals to better understand how to make more profits.

SALCO is a profit analysis IT Company. SALCO would like to position itself as an financial advisory group for, individuals, small to medium businesses owners, manufacturing facilities, and other institutes. However, the main focus is on how to make a company or an individual more profitable.  We are very unique in a sense that our main focus is to perform financial waste management in company’s cash flow.  We would like to offer our financial advisory service over internet on subscription basis or contract basis

During our market research we have come to realize that many customers are dissatisfied by so called financial gurus because they were very expensive, and, at times, they were lacking the understanding of financial waste management. We would like to fill the gap between the high-end, brand name, expensive financial analysis tools and the run of the mill generic software. Our company offers an exciting alternative in the form of subscription based financial analysis tools that are also very affordable.

While I was orchestrating the Company’s strategies, I consistently kept a long term focus. Mere short term gain, without any deep rooted long term strategies is a bubble-syndrome growth; ready to burst. It can look very interesting to some investors at times; howbeit, it is like going for shallow water fishing. I tend to steer away from such investment ordeals. To please investors one can try to achieve short term gain by manipulating Income Statements and Balance Sheet; however, it is sheer lying. Investors should expect ups and downs of the business, if they are a true partner for a long haul. Therefore, I pondered very deeply, during galvanizing my ideas, how to create a strong valuation to my Company. Well, here is what I came up with as a long term strategy:


  • CASH Valuation: Comparative cash-cushion capping (Ratio) valuation (First Year)
  • Service Valuation: Offer unorthodox service to financial analysis: Getting to know my customers through interviews, and friendly dialogues (First Year)
  • Methodology ValuationEthical approach, engineering/technology approach, data crunching approach: Building detailed case history. (First Year)
  • Free-bundled Software Package Valuation (Future): Offer consistently every year FREE add-on bundled software packages to existing core software profit analysis package. Our revenue strategy is NOT software package driven, rather, subscription driven.
  • Cloud-Computing Valuation: Offer communication channel for a front-end hardware to interface with middle-end. Middle-end should powerfully drive back-end database tree structure. A true software Cloud-computing platform demands arduously that  a front end hardware tools must smoothly integrate with back-end database software tools. For optimum real-time financial predictions, a real-time (RTOS) based Front-end data acquisition hardware device (Over RTU or DCS system) integration with a back-end financial database is, therefore, a MUST!  (Launched by 2nd Year or 3rd Year)

It will be a great loss to SAFA’s corporate integrity, if I ran SALCO only to show quick return gimmicks to attract investors. Instead, I would rather focus deeply in empowering SAFA’s five basic strategies. I am fully convinced that a company which has a powerful evolutionary vision will stand out from the rest. The brain behind SAFA’s progressive genetic makeup, strongly believes in relentless metamorphosis. For such a lofty dream, one has to, at times, sacrifice short term gain. I earnestly hope, my esteemed investors will endorse my idea of a long term SALCO valuation program, and stick around for a long-tow to reap the fruit.   


We are highly detailed oriented Company. We acquire ethical information, financial information, management information, leadership information, owner’s vision, business model, engineering information, technology advantages, product design methodology, efficiency information, etc to build a powerful back-end database. After acquiring detailed information about the company; we offer sound and practical solution to the business problem. There is a great need for a Company like us, who truly understand the meaning of financial waste management. Financial waste management does not always mean cost-cutting. Instead, at times, cost has to be increased. If truth be told, profitability has never been one-dimensional to begin with; never will it be either.

To drive my idea home, I would like to give you a very simple case analysis that I conducted in California, USA. I was conducting profit analysis for a widget factory. The lathe machine of the widget factory was producing 19 widgets per hour.  Suppose (can not reveal exact price), the widgets were selling for $450 each  (Not exact customer figure). The lathe machine at this rate was producing 123 widgets per day (excluding lunch time and tea-time breaks). The Sales Revenue would have been 17.3M USD (Not actual figure).  However, during conducting regular interview session, I suggested that if we set machine capability index at 2 minutes per widget instead, we can increase profitability index by 26.13%. It was a jaw dropping scene to be watched. There were many other issues that I also discussed during friendly and relaxed interview process, which has nothing to do with mathematical computation. However, I am going to, very briefly, discuss the issue of widgets production only due to constrain of time and space limit. 

It was no brainer to figure out that at 80% production efficiency the production should have been 24 widgets per hour. The company was producing 10140 widgets less per year. The factory would have been burning cash 4.6M USD (Not exact figure) every year in furnace. In last five years the company would have burned cash 23.5M USD (Not customer's exact figure), hands down. Forget about the rest of the waste management analysis that I performed at this widget factory. Only one incident should be enough to convince you that profitability of a company is much more than cut and dice strategy of cost analysis. True profitability analysis needs understanding of management operation, business or engineering/manufacturing procedure, owner’s vision for the company, ethical believes, machine operation, machine efficiency, deliverable timeline efficiency, automation efficiency, ERP efficiency, MRP efficiency, machine fatigue syndrome analysis, machine depreciation rate, data management and consolidation process, cloud computing efficiency, merit basis hiring efficiency, various waste management analysis, etc. It is only then one can see holes in the entire barrel; not few hole patch up fix.  Therefore, it is my strong conviction, that there are no cut and dry rules to make a company profitable. No savvy financial analyst can ever convince me that mere fancy computation of income statement and balance sheet analysis can solve profitability problem. This is, indeed, a far cry from the truth.  Please, do not get me wrong, I am, by profession, an electronics engineer, and I am very well versed in fancy mathematical computation. The truth of the matter is, profitability analysis is not only a dynamic field of science, but it also has a deep rooted presence in art of knowing customer’s NEED, and Seller's time-line efficiency. I am so tempted to tell you an ice cream factory profitability case analysis that I performed. Alas! I am running out of time, so I have to let it go for now………...

I have engineering background, manufacturing background, ISO 9000 efficiency background, sales & marketing background, experience of designing products what customers wants such as: designing and selling engineering product experience: Experienced in control system design, test equipment design, burner design, boiler design, food industry machine parts design, and other mechanical parts design. These backgrounds may not be necessary to understand true profitability of a company or an individual; however, it is extremely helpful in understanding company’s deep rooted problems; because nobody can beat knowledge and experience.

I strongly believe that a company should not shy away from a paradigm shift across the border to fix company’s profitability issues; not bits and pieces. Again, please do understand, a paradigm shift is much more than mere statistical analysis or data crunching of Income Statement and Balance Sheet. That is no brainer! Therefore, allow me to re-submit my plea to convince you that understanding company’s smooth operation, engineering maverick process, defining customer needs/preferences, and lean manufacturing process in conjunction with Income Statement and Balance Sheet data crunching is a wholesome recipe for a successful profit analysis. It is this talent behind SAFA which  shines like a northern star in a pitch dark night.

While I am at it, it will be very appropriate to mention that SALCO also intends to educate employees how to put out 100% of their effort in what ever they do.  As Jack Welch once said: (Not an exact quote) Employees are the second most import thing after sales. I strongly believe in it. Therefore, SALCO philosophy is to train business owners to offer healthy benefits to each employee and in return expect a best employee performance. There is no cut cost there. Employees should be treated as a part of a family. If they are happy, they will drive results for the Company. Period. Employees will go out of their ways to help the Company to meet the set financial targets. In this regard, one of the finest examples that come to my mind is the example of Herb Dwight Kelleher co-founder of SouthWest Airline and his teaching to his employees. Therefore, at SALCO we see no stone unturned to reward company employee performance and appreciate their good work.

Talents can be learned, however intelligence is innate; one is born with.  The point that I am trying to make all along is that there is no one magic formula to make a company more profitable. You have to acquire the right information to make the intelligent decision regarding solving company’s profitability problems. I will end my today’s discussion by quoting all time favorite Robert Frost poem:

Two roads diverged in a wood- and I

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

I hope, I am able to convince you during this short online presentation that financial analysis is a dynamic science with a touch of fine art.  This is what makes me so different than the rest of them.

I need to raise 3.5M USD to springboard my Company, SALCO. Please let me know how can you assist me in this ardent endeavor?

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Shaukat Ali Mozaffar



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