Shaukat Ali, LLC-SALCO
A Financial Analysis Company
SALCO is a Group of AEEC Company

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SALPA online financial IT system starts with an interview process. Fairly simple and straight forward series of questions are asked to determine corporate vision, corporate structure, management team duties/performance, business strength, business weakness, sales target, net profit target, financial data, financial problem assessment, short term, long term goals, waste management practice, corporate structure, debt ratio, asset ratio, business expenses imbalances, and other basic questions. After collecting all the needed data, SALPA system performs series of test and displays results on performance measurement dashboard. 

  1. Acquire Financial Data. SALPA acquires financial data by asking simple questions and by having client filling out basic data acquiring forms. A table of payables and receivables is also generated by using the acquired data base.
  1. Cost Sheet: Accounts are opened for different catogory of cost.
  2. Waste Management Sheet: Accounts are opened for different waste management catagory
  3. Inventory List: Accounts are opened for different catagory of inventory (Running inventory, stay-put inventory, stand-by inventory, dead inventory, defective inventory, etc.) 
  4. Stagnated Sales: SALPA Collects data to determine the reason for stagnated sales. 
  5. Capitalization. The system computes how to control cost for healthy equity and healthy earnings. 
  6. Business Failure Ratio. Using acquired data SALPA calculates business matrixes to prevent business failure. 
  1. Performance Measurement Dashboard. SALPA indicates all business conditions through Performance Measurement Dashboard (PMD)
  2. Information Processing: All type of business data information is acquired during the process, be that general information about the company, or be that quantifiable information.