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SALCO is a Group of AEEC Company

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Payroll/ Material Loss

Payroll/Material Losses: 

Most company ignore the losses calculation during the operation. SAFA backend machine is so robust that its built-in watchdog alarm immediately sounds loud and clear when it detects any losses incur by a company during the operation. The built-in indicators shows the losses and presents its ramification in, "If-Then-Else" scenario. Waste management in payrolls, productivity, and material is mandatory for a profitable company. No matter how profitable a company is, without a rigorous waste management program, a company can lose a big chunk of market share. SAFA idea, indeed, is not just to be very profitable or to grow very fast, rather SAFA believes in to acquire maximum profitability by running a lean process, strictly control cost, wisely manage growth deviation, steady growth, and finally to capture maximum market share. This SAFA believes, is the key to a successful business model. Howbeit, most progressive companies tend to forget this important ultimate success factor.  

Built-in business loss indicators:

  • Losses due to Excess Payroll
  • Productivity losses due to inefficiency (Waste Management in Productivity)
  • Un-productivity losses
  • ROI losses due to weak equity and weak earnings (Analysis of ROIDL, and other cost and its effect on profit)
  • Losses due to inefficiency in Direct Labor calculation
  • Losses in Direct Material
  • And much more.....................