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Product/Service Costing

Product/Service Costing:

What should be the retail price of the product/service to reach Targeted Optimal Sales (TOS)? How to achieve safety margin? How to set a retail/wholesale price, which will compete the market, however, reach the Targeted Optimum Profit (TOP) too? How to gain maximum market share? These are some extra ordinary computations conducted by the back-end engine. 

Is the price too low? Is the price too high? Is the price just right? How does these choices translate into Targeted Optimal Profit (TOP)? Capitalization? Owner's equity? and ROI? 

How to select optimized TPY (Throughput Yield) for TOP? How to limit process deviation margin to set targeted capability index? How to set Automation, machinery, equipment, to optimize variable expenses. How to improve BOM analysis to optimize semi-variable expenses for healthy GP? How to launch product vertical markets to capitalized on market share? What should be product Branding criteria? How to set a PULL sale criteria?

How to optimize supply chain for better profit? How to understand manufacturing profit critical points to benefit product or merchandise pricing? Is JIT, always the best option? and much more...................